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Hello there! I’m Clare Lockhart, and I want to welcome you to my website and my Midlife is Murder, Paranormal, Cozy Mystery Series.

I write wholesome, paranormal, cozy mysteries with a middle-aged sleuth who is going through a few changes. Some are welcome (an empty nest and the opening of her dream cafe) and some not so much (a divorce, a sudden ability to see ghosts, and a rash of murders).

If you like reading about best friends who find themselves in the odd pickle, mind boggling murders, and cheeky paranormal visitors then you’re in the right place.

As is often the case with authors, my real life influences my stories. I live in a small town, a stone’s throw from Lake Ontario, in Canada. I’ve had great times traveling around the Great Lakes which is why I set the Midlife is Murder series on the south shore of Lake Superior in the quaint, fictional town of Bookend Bay.

I’m a bit of a foodie and love to cook. It helps to have a chef for a daughter. I also have another beautiful daughter, a business owner and the mother of my two grandsons (who bring me immeasurable joy), and a son who teaches media.

Living near a large, multi-cultural city, gives me access to fabulous restaurants and ethnic grocery stores. I’ve passed my love of food to my main character and sleuth Quinn Delaney, so you’ll occasionally find her experimenting with the drinks and treats she serves at her cafe, Break Thyme, where every recipe includes an herb or spice.  

I come by my interest in the paranormal honestly. My dad loved this stuff, so it was natural for me to believe there was more to our world than we perceive. This is why you may find a ghost, or a psychic, or even a parallel universe in my stories.

Since I found the love of my life later on in life, my main character just may do the same since everybody deserves a good romance!

On that note, I also write time travel romance. You can find those books under my other pen name Sharon Clare.

That’s enough about me. I’d love to know about you, so please drop me a line anytime!