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A Spirited Debacle (Book 1.5)

After a rough summer, Quinn Delaney is finally feeling good about her life. Her new cafe is bustling, and she’s gotten rid of her cheating husband.

Then a mysterious box shows up with surprising contents.

Quinn always does the honorable thing, so she and her best friend deliver the box to the rightful owner—a family who’s suffered a tragic loss—bringing happiness to everyone, right?

Wrong. Everything falls apart when she inadvertently starts a family feud. As tempers flare and family members tell stories that don’t add up, Quinn digs deeper to uncover the sticky truth behind an ‘accidental death.’

Things go from bad to worse when she meets a troubled ghost who insists Quinn has put a woman in mortal danger.

They say no good deed goes unpunished, but surely Quinn couldn’t have given a killer a reason to strike again.

If you like sleuthing best friends, midlife debacles, and ghosts seeking justice, you’ll love this paranormal, cozy mystery.