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A Spirited Delusion (Book 5)

Quinn Delaney thought she’d seen it all, but then her crazy life takes an unexpected turn.

To find out if a recurring murder-dream has come true, she agrees to investigate the death of a matchmaker who’d rubbed Quinn the wrong way.

Fortunately, this case comes with perks—a resort vacation and maybe even true love—as Quinn and Toni go undercover as participants in a matchmaking competition.

With romance in the air, it’s hard not to get caught up. Or maybe not, because Quinn is perfectly happy with her single life. Isn’t she? There’s little time for that debate. She has a killer to catch.

Unfortunately, the deeper they dig, the more dirt they find.

Between two competing matchmakers at war with each other, a prankster ghost with his own agenda, and a jilted boyfriend behaving like the king of charm, the sleuths have much to unravel—so why is Toni getting distracted? And why is Quinn the target of nasty gossip and threats?

Quinn’s delusions grow as fast as her topsy-turvy love life. Is she up for the challenge?

Or will she retreat to her cafe where life is cozy, predictable, and safe?

Buy A Spirited Delusion now because who doesn’t love crime-fighting best friends killing it when romance is in the air?