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A Spirited Double (Book 2)

An exorcism gone wrong.
An unfathomable ghostly encounter…
…and a web of corruption only she can stop.

Recently divorced and empty nested, Quinn has enough on her hands trying to win a culinary contest to put her new cafe on the map. One cordial short of an entry, she doesn’t have time to help her new renter exorcise an evil spirit from her house.

And then she finds the woman’s body face down in her kitchen.

Who killed her tenant? Why is a good friend suddenly avoiding her? And why is her brother not returning her calls?

With the help of her best friend, Quinn discovers murder isn’t the only ill deed happening in the small town of Bookend Bay. She soon fears the truth may destroy the people she loves most.

Things go from bad to worse when a spirited visitor invades her life. Unlike any ghost she’s met before, its shocking allegation throws Quinn into a panic that will forever change her life.

You’ll love this paranormal, cozy mystery because the twists and turns will keep you guessing. And because no one expects midlife to be murder.

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