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A Spirited Swindler (Book 1)

Midlife isn’t supposed to be like this!

Empty nested, Quinn is excited to open her new lakeside cafe in the small town of Bookend Bay.

Everything is perfect until she realizes she’s being followed.

Confronting the stranger sets Quinn on a course where her problems no longer revolve around selecting a feature scone. She’s suddenly doubting everything she believed about her marriage and her sanity.

When police question her about a murder, Quinn knows they won’t believe a conniving ghost might have the answers, but she has to tell someone.

Will her best friend believe her?

Things go from bad to worse when the ghost demands an exchange of favors that could save or sink Quinn’s cafe before she serves her first spiced latte.

The closer she gets to the truth, the more afraid she becomes of a scheme that could ruin her life.

Now, she’s wondering if some secrets should rest in peace?

If you like savvy, midlife sleuths, ghostly con artists, and baffling murders, you’ll love A Spirited Swindler. Get it now.