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A Spirited Vengeance (Book 3)

When Quinn’s best friend’s cousin shows up with suitcase in hand, a mysterious man, and a vow to leave her abhorrent husband, Quinn must decide how far she’ll go to ensure the woman’s financial security.

Is breaking into a safe too far?

Things take a drastic turn when a fortune goes missing and the police arrest Toni’s cousin for murder.

Faced with a slack sheriff and a growing list of suspects, the two midlife friends band together to solve another mystery.

Now in a race to find the fortune, juggling yet another secret, and fending off a ghost meddling in Toni’s life, Quinn grapples with the ethics of using her invisible, parallel-life twin to get to the truth.

Will Quinn’s connections with entities from other dimensions help or hinder her?

If you like fast-paced, fun, light-hearted stories that keep you guessing, you’ll love A Spirited Vengeance, book 4 in the Midlife is Murder paranormal cozy mystery series.