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Curses and Consequences

A crumpled note with a plea for help. Magical powers that are out of control. These are supposed to be the free and easy years!

Life is pretty sweet for Addie Keane now that she’s moved to Whalesback Cove to live on her sailboat and develop her body care products line. She’s even getting used to her new “retro” psychic visions, giving her remarkable glimpses into people’s pasts.

When a stranger tosses her a crumpled note with a plea for help, Addie steps up, but her helping hand backfires when one of her customers ends up murdered.

Added to that, she’s visited by a charismatic long-lost aunt who’s come to help Addie with her “transition.”

What transition?

Turning fifty means Addie has come into magical powers, and if that isn’t life-altering enough, a family curse means her magic has some unusual limitations.

Addie has good reasons to kick these wayward enchantments to the curb. If only she knew how.

Because something is seriously wrong.

With the sheriff questioning her motives, an intimidating warlock accusing her of harming humans, and a thieving cat dropping loot at her feet, she’s determined to make sense of it all.

Having dedicated her professional life to helping people, Addie’s got high hopes for her new talent, but she may never get the chance to do good if she doesn’t prove herself innocent—all around—and get her burgeoning powers under control. But can she trust the uncanny visitors who may hold the secrets to her past and her future?

If you like small town, paranormal cozy mysteries, a resilient woman coming into magical powers during midlife, a quirky aunt with an unusual history, and a zealous feline with sticky (fingers) paws, get this paranormal, witch cozy mystery in ebook, paperback, or read in Kindle Unlimited!