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Potions and Plunder

A coming-into-supernatural-powers at midlife, psychic witch, paranormal cozy mystery.

Addie Keane loves the cozy community she’s found in small-town Whalesback Cove among good friends who believe she has a special knack for solving murders.

The actual truth? She has a secret.

She’s a cursed witch who fears she might accidentally turn someone into a frog. Under the guidance of a mentor, she’s beginning to understand her unique powers and why the origin of the curse is enmeshed in murder.

So, when a friend asks Addie to investigate an unsolved murder, she can’t refuse.

When she puts on her detective cap, her psychic visions hint at dark secrets, hidden motives, and a web of interconnected relationships surrounding the victim.

Addie soon discovers it’s one thing to chase clues as an amateur sleuth, it’s quite another to use her supernatural powers to bring a killer to justice while keeping her witchcraft hidden from the people counting on her.

And that includes her estranged brother, who knows nothing about the witchcraft Addie recently inherited. So, when he shows up after decades of silence, Addie can’t imagine telling him his daughter is destined to be a slave to an ancient curse, or why their future depends on Addie bringing a murderer to justice.

If you like suspense, magic, and self-discovery with strong female characters then Potions and Plunder will be a perfect paranormal puzzling whodunnit for you!