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Visions and Villainy

A murderous premonition. A dead eyewitness. And an urgency to reach a ghost.

Freedom at fifty is working out perfectly for Addie Keane who’s returned to the seaside town of Whalesback Cove. Having developed a new line of body care products, she’s now living out her long-cherished dream.

Except her dream doesn’t include sudden psychic visions.

Looking for answers, Addie seeks guidance from a local clairvoyant. But the startling message she receives thrusts her into the heart of a murder investigation.

When she learns a dead food critic is the only one who can shed light on a murder, she recruits her friend, Quinn Delaney to communicate with the ghost and save their new clairvoyant ally from the sheriff’s sights.

The ghost has news all right, but Addie worries he’s told Quinn more than she’s letting on. But why would Quinn keep secrets? And for no good reason, it seems the unruly spirit doesn’t like Addie one bit.

With a prime suspect leading them on a wild butterfly chase, Quinn experiencing an unnatural degree of good fortune, and Addie’s impromptu, mystifying visions, her dream of a simpler life might be as dead as the unfortunate victim.

Can they tame a ghost and solve the murder before Quinn has to leave Whalesback Cove, or will Addie be left with an ominous message to decipher and a killer on the loose?

Get this small town, paranormal cozy mystery in ebook or print and discover what secrets await you in Whalesback Cove!