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Midlife is Magic Series

Visions and Villainy

Addie Keane thought her dream life in Whalesback Cove was perfect . . . until she starts experiencing psychic visions. Now, she’s on a murder investigation that requires reaching a dead eyewitness! Addie recruits her friend Quinn Delaney to help communicate with the spirit. But secrets and an unruly ghost threaten their mission. Can they solve the murder and tame the supernatural before it’s too late?

Curses and Consequences

Life in Whalesback Cove is definitely not what Addie Keane signed up for! From living on a sailboat to developing her body care line, life was supposed to be simple. But when a plea for help leads to murder, things get complicated. Add in turning 50 with cursed magical powers, a self-indulgent long-lost aunt, and an imposing warlock breathing down Addie’s neck, and it’s a wild ride! Can Addie keep the hot sheriff off her tail, gain control over her magic, and unravel her distressing family history, or will she never get the chance to use her new powers for good?