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One good deed puts a café owner in the middle of a scheming widow, a thwarted daughter, and a pushy ghost crying murder.ous box, she lands in the midst of a family feud and mistakenly puts a woman in mortal danger.

Join the fun with Addie Keane in the new Midlife is Magic series!

Welcome to the new Midife is Magic paranormal cozy mystery series set in the small seaside town of Whalesback Cove featuring Addie Keane whose plans for a simpler midlife are shattered when she learns she not only has magical powers, but they come with a curse, conditions, and a history lesson that sheds a dark light on her family.

Visions and Villainy

Addie Keane thought her dream life in Whalesback Cove was perfect, until she started experiencing psychic visions. Now, she’s on a murder investigation that requires reaching out to a dead eyewitness! Addie recruits her friend Quinn Delaney to help communicate with the spirit. But secrets and an unruly ghost threaten their mission. Can they solve the murder before it’s too late?

Curses and Consequences

Life is supposed to be smooth sailing for Addie Keane when she moves home to develop her skincare products. But then a plea for help leads to the murder of one of her customers. When a long-lost aunt brings news of their cursed family witchcraft, Addie is stunned to learn the bizarre occurrences happening in Whalesback Cove might be her fault. Can she solve the murder and tame her wayward powers before another person succumbs to her unexpected enchantments? Find out in this paranormal, psychic witch, midlife is magic cozy mystery.

Potions and Plunder

Addie Keane has secrets that could turn anyone green with envy, literally! As a cursed witch, she’s starting to embrace her powers and untangle the twisted origins of her curse. But when a friend seeks her help in solving an unsolved murder, Addie faces a vexing challenge: using her supernatural abilities while keeping her witchcraft under wraps. Navigating a labyrinth of secrets, motives, and intertwined relationships, can Addie crack the case without exposing her witchy side? And what about her estranged brother’s return? He’s unaware of the impending curse on his own daughter. Find out what happens as Addie walks the tightrope of justice and witchcraft.

Get Cozy with Quinn in the Midlife is Murder series in Bookend Bay!

Welcome to Break Thyme Cafe where the coffee is spiced, the mysteries are ghostly, and midlife is murder.

A Spirited Swindler

Just when Quinn Delaney thought everything was on track for her new café’s opening, she meets a ghostly stranger with an unfathomable secret about her husband. Now, she’s being haunted, swindled, and questioned about a murder.

A Spirited Double

An exorcism gone wrong. A web of corruption only she can stop. A ghostly encounter whose shocking allegation throws a café owner into a panic and changes her life forever.

A Spirited Vengeance

An OCD twin from a parallel universe. A meddling ghost. A desperate plea for help. Is it time for Quinn to accept her role as an apron-wearing crusader for justice?

A Spirited Betrayal

Quinn’s holiday becomes an investigation when an offbeat acquaintance disappears after making an outlandish claim.

A Spirited Delusion

When a bad dream and reality collide, Quinn and Toni go undercover as contestants in a matchmaking competition to find a killer (and maybe even true love) and put a stop to Quinn’s murder-dreams, hopefully forever.

A Spirited Accusation

Quinn wants the best for her bestie, Toni, but when she finds a Bookend Bay baker dead, she must rethink what’s best when the baker’s ghost points a finger at her murderer-the new love of Toni’s life.

A Spirited Debacle – FREE Novella