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One good deed puts a café owner in the middle of a scheming widow, a thwarted daughter, and a pushy ghost crying murder.ous box, she lands in the midst of a family feud and mistakenly puts a woman in mortal danger.

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Welcome to Break Thyme Cafe where the coffee is spiced, the mysteries are ghostly, and midlife is murder.

Book 1

A Spirited Swindler

Just when everything was on track for her new café’s opening, Quinn meets a bewitching stranger with an unfathomable secret about her husband. Now, she’s being haunted, swindled, and questioned about a murder.

Book 4

A Spirited Betrayal

Quinn’s holiday becomes an investigation when an offbeat acquaintance disappears after making an outlandish claim.

Book 2

A Spirited Double

An exorcism gone wrong.
An unfathomable ghostly encounter, and a web of corruption only Quinn can stop.

Book 5

A Spirited Delusion

When a bad dream and reality merge, Quinn and Toni go undercover as contestants in a matchmaking competition to find a killer (and maybe even true love) and put a stop to Quinn’s murder-dreams, hopefully forever.

Book 3

A Spirited Vengeance

An OCD twin from a parallel universe. Another ghostly encounter. A desperate plea for help. Is it time for Quinn to accept her role as an apron-wearing crusader for justice?

Book 6

A Spirited Accusation

Quinn wants the best for her bestie Toni, but when she finds a Bookend Bay baker dead, she must rethink what’s best when the baker’s ghost points a finger at her murderer—the new love of Toni’s life.

A Spirited Debacle – FREE Novella